The new Economy pair; PLPE and WPLPE

Alternative outputs, higher radial forces

Starting now, Neugart, the globally renowned manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, specialised gearboxes and customised gear parts, also carries the new Economy gearbox pair PLPE and WPLPE.

In addition to the coaxial PLPE gearbox, interested parties can also find the WPLPE angle solution right away.

Generally, the two new series are assigned to the Economy gear family. With an alternative geometry to the PLE or WPLE series, they offer the construction engineer additional flexibility. Four model sizes are available: 50, 70, 90 and 120.

Developed based on the Neugart modular system, the new series distinguishes itself with solid performance data, high radial loads and a favourable price.

All together, Neugart now offers six different Economy series with a wide selection of geometries and performance classes. The cost-efficiency and speed of this integrated module make the buying decision easy; no other product on the market offers quite this combination.

All important information and data sheets can be downloaded at products