A clear perspective.

An integrated formula for success: In our balanced, wide-range product programme, you can always find the right solution for your specific needs. WPLPE is the intelligent angle solution in our economy range, specially developed for space-saving installation in right-angle position of motor/gearbox combinations.
  • low backlash
  • high output torque
  • high efficiency
  • 16 ratios i=3,...,100
  • low noise
  • high quality (ISO 9001)
  • any mounting position
  • easy motor mounting
  • life time lubrication
  • more options
  • balanced motor pinion

dimension sheet & CAD data


sectional drawing - WPLPE

view 1/3 - WPLPE

view 2/3 - WPLPE

view 3/3 - WPLPE